Carbs are not the Enemy!

Carbohydrates are not the enemy! Carbs fuel your workouts. The more you exercise; the more carbs you should take into your body. Some examples of healthy carbs (good carbs) are fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Each gram of a carbohydrate supplies the body with 4 kilocalories.

Carbohydrates may be refined or unrefined. Refined means that the food is highly processed. Thus, the body processes these carbohydrates quickly, and they provide little nutrition although they contain about the same number of calories. Refined (or white) carbs have a high glycemic index which means it will send your blood sugar levels soaring then drop rapidly causing you to feel sluggish which will definitely put a damper on your workout. Refined products are often enriched, meaning vitamins and minerals have been added back to increase their nutritional value. A diet high in simple or refined carbohydrates tends to increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.